Twit Links: December 1-7

I had plans for something more substantial to post here last week, but with all the holiday activity kicking into full-speed, I’m afraid posts may be light here this month.

Twitter remains an easy way to share thoughts, though, and I had several interesting links to share there last week:

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Twit-Links: November 24-30

I’ve been torn for a while now trying to decide whether or not to do link posts here. After all, I finally broke down and created this blog (after IABC was terrific enough to make it drop-dead easy for their members to do so) as a place to expound on topics that needed more than the 140 characters I’ve been tossing out on Twitter for the past couple of years.

A post of nothing more than links in my opinion was nothing more than 1) lazy or 2) a blatant attempt at SEO (search engine optimization). But, I’m giving in for a totally selfish reason – it will give me an easier way to dig into an archive of interesting things I’ve tweeted.

You see, Twitter has come to replace my RSS reader. There are simply tons of interesting blog posts and news stories being tweeted. These keep me up-to-date and often ahead of the crowd. So, I try to return the favor by retweeting interesting things and tweeting links of my own that point to interesting reading.

Sometimes I want to go back and find something that I remember I tweeted, but forgot to bookmark. Maybe one day @tzangms will add a feature to TwitThat! that would save my tweeted links to my Delicious account; but, until then, I must wade through page after page of old tweets in search of them.

So, I’m going to try to make myself take the time to compile them here once a week – just so I can find them again later. And, maybe someone else will venture by here and find them of some use.

Tweets with links from November 24 – 30, 2008:

  • Reading: “When Twitter Met Facebook: The Acquisition Deal That Fail-Whaled | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD” ( )
  • Good One: “WordPress Direct, Have You Lost Your Mind?? | Real Estate Magazine – Real Estate Opinion Column – AgentGenius” ( )
  • Commented on: “Retweet: The Infectious Power of Word of Mouth” –
  • Reading: “A Second Life for Virtual Worlds?” in >
  • Good One: “You could say that IF you were one of us « Shannon Paul’s Very Official Blog” ( )
  • Thinking About: “Linking to Wikipedia is lazy and a disservice to someone else who really deserves the link!” ( )
  • Reading: “Virtual Goods News: 7-Eleven Carrying 20 Prepaid Cards, Emphasizing in Growth for Next Year” ( )
  • RT @bobbyllew: “Just have a look at this, no idea what I’d use it for but it’s so puritty” [oooh, that is purty]

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