New Year, New Job

Yesterday, I was able to officially announce a new role for myself as Dell’s Chief Blogger on Direct2Dell.

Go ahead and laugh that someone whose personal blog has languished here over the past few months has been given the challenge of managing content for “the world’s largest startup.” I know it makes me smile. 🙂

I’m no stranger to Direct2Dell, though. My first official post there was back in 2007 when I was managing a redesign of the home page; but, I also played a behind-the-scenes role within the team that originally launched Dell’s first blog. (Bonus points if you can recall the original name under which we launched!)

As I prepared to now step into the lead, I started a personal exercise of writing out where I thought the blog should be going. This became what I started calling my manifesto for Direct2Dell. That in turn became a presentation for the hundreds of Dell employees that contribute content to the blog. And now it has become a statement for our readers, so they can hold us accountable to follow-through.


But, what exactly does it mean for this little blog?

While a new year often brings out a myriad of predictions for the future, I’m not physic enough to answer that yet.

I can see it potentially going one of two ways. Either I’m so worn out from editing all of the submissions that Direct2Dell receives from Dell employees, while also writing my own contributions, that I will be even less inclined to carve out the time for my personal writing. Or, I’ll be so inspired and “in the groove” of blogging that this site will see an uptick in content.

That uptick could mean more “The Rest of the Story” style posts with behind the scenes views of what happens on Direct2Dell. Or, it could mean this blog takes on an even more personal direction than it has before. Or you could just get a bunch of funny cat pictures. I can’t predict that either.

I will go out on a limb, though, to say that I don’t think the blog is dead. That’s a topic that several others have recently opined on:

No, like Om Malik, I believe that “we’ll just do it at a different scale, at a different tempo and with a different lens.”

And I’m really looking forward to doing it on a different scale myself. As I’ve joked with several friends, I’m finally going to put my News/Editorial Journalism degree to work! Now let’s hope I can remember what I was taught…