Blog Action Day: The Power of We – The Power of Girls

The year of the girl. The day of the girl. There’s a lot of attention to girls lately, isn’t there?

On this Blog Action Day 2012, it all reminds me of my post from Blog Action Day 2008. That’s when I first became aware of The Girl Effect and I think the fact that we’re talking so much about girls these days is in part due to their efforts and “The Power of We” that serves as this year’s Blog Action Day theme.Blog Action Day

The power we have when we help girls get an education, stay healthy, marry when they’re ready and raise a healthy family is the power to end the cycle of poverty. The Girl Effect is global. It works in African villages and it works in urban centers.

Look no further than today’s news headlines to see how powerful girls can be – one 14 year old can strike fear in a group as powerful as the Taliban. Why? Because she advocated for girls’ education and they recognize the impact that can have.

The booklet “Smarter Economics: Investing in Girls” uses findings from the 2012 World Development Report and other sources to show how the simple act of adding girls to development plans delivers a huge economic upside and breaks the cycle of intergenerational poverty. For instance, girls completing secondary school in Kenya would add US$27 billion to the economy over their lifetimes

But it’s not just about developing countries. Everywhere we have the power to impact girls and, in turn, impact our world. Because as the Girl Scouts know, when girls succeed, so does society.


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