Forgive Me for I Have Not Blogged (SXSW Made Me Do It)

It’s been three months since my last post here. That’s probably enough to take away my blogger card. Or at least hurt my blogger cred.

I could blame it on the holidays, of course. And, then the first three months of the year seem to have been totally sucked up by SXSW. Yeah, I know that’s just a couple of weeks, but it takes a lot of work to prepare for those weeks when you’re doing more than just attending or even speaking.

I took to calling myself “chief cat herder” because we were all over the place trying to make sure the everyone who came to SXSWedu, Interactive, Film and Music knew that they were in the hometown of Dell.

Our presence at SXSW included everything from participating in numerous panels, hosting an Entrepreneurs UnConference at Dell, organizing several “What’s your More?” music and film brand activations, having a Dell@retail booth in the event tradeshow, sponsoring the gaming Screenburn Arcade showcase, prominently placing over 300 products throughout the festival, launching a new education campaign and bringing our Social Media Command Center onsite at the event.

When your child tells random people how glad they are that SXSW is over, you know you’ve been spending too much time on it. It took seven posts just to hit the highlights over on Direct2Dell, but you can see some of it in this new video we just put out:

But, the truth is, there’s always something else to take up my time. And if there isn’t, I’ll find it. Because I really don’t know what to do when I don’t have 10 things to do.

So, I’m making it a goal to get back to being more active here. I’m also going to get more active in IABC. I rejoined my local LSU Alumni board last year, too, and vow to be a much better co-chair for our scholarship fundraiser this year.

It almost feels like New Year’s or something with all these resolutions! Now I just need to start exercising…

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  1. Jessica · April 6, 2012



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