Comical Remembrances

It’s Sunday morning, and as I always like to do, I’m reading the newspaper. I generally scan the headlines of the main sections. As expected, there are several stories about 9/11. I read a few, but not too in-depth. I’m not sure I want to dwell.

So, I head to my favorite part of the Sunday paper – the comics. I see the impact of 9/11 there, too, and the same struggle I face to figure out how to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

Some of the strips make no mention of it. Life must go on, right? Many talk of remembrance and respect for fallen heroes. A very few risk political statements. Some stick with quiet symbolism.

I feel for the writers and artists of these comics because I experience the same internal conflict. I don’t want to be consumed by looking back. I don’t want to be unfeeling or disrespectful either.

Many bloggers today will be writing about where they were when the towers fell. What impact it has had on their lives. Who they knew, loved and lost in the events of the day or the wars that followed.

I could talk about hearing of it at work from someone dialed in to a meeting and then rolling a television into that meeting in time to see the second tower go. I could remember the anguish of watching hours upon end of coverage at home on my couch. I could share the grief of my miscarriage that took place the next week.

Instead, I think I’ll enjoy a quiet morning with my wonderful girl who just turned nine years old two days ago. I’ll recall, like Freshly Squeezed did, that we always have and always will live in a dangerous world.

Then, I’ll go to church, where I’ll pray for those who lost much more than me, thank God for how he’s blessed us, and ask for his continued guidance, support and love as we face what’s still before us.

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