Social Media Might Save Print Books

Holy Kaw! recently asked “Are e-readers making books obsolete?” They’re certainly not the first or the last to ponder this question.

This past Christmas was supposed to be the season of the e-reader, and Random House says that Dec. 25 and 26 were its two biggest ebook sales days ever.  I certainly helped make it a good year for Kindle when I requested one for myself from Santa (aka my husband).

I’m definitely a fan of the printed page, and collect every hardback Anne Rice book I can find, but must admit I’m loving the ease with which I can get new books whenever I want them.

For example, I was watching a webcast of a conference panel earlier this week and heard an interesting book mentioned. Rather than having to write down the name and hope I remember it the next time I happen to make it to a book store, I just hopped over to Amazon, plugged in the title, made a one-click purchase and it was waiting for me when I got home that evening.

So, I’m sure there will be an impact on print book sales, but a quick look here at several of the hardbacks I’ve brought home recently has me thinking they’re not exactly on death’s door.

social media books

In fact, it actually got me to pondering whether “publish or perish” has expanded from academia to the social media industry?

I suppose business books have always been an important marketing tool for consultants, but as a ZDNet blogger pointed out, the pace of change in social media is such that books on it are behind-the-times by the time they publish.

This also makes it a never-ending source of material. Keeping up with the changes in Facebook alone could be a good argument for e-books that simply continue to download new chapters!

Good news for the Social Media Club which just launched a book club program, right?

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