Does My Dog Need an Online Profile?

So, tonight won’t be a really in-depth blog post. I’ve been out to dinner with friends at Truluck’s on a night when they were having 50% off all bottles of wine, so don’t expect much.

One topic of discussion that came up at dinner tonight was dogs. Dogs are a nice, safe topic of dinner conversation in a group, don’t you think? Lots of people have them, and even those who don’t can usually appreciate them – even the cat people are on some level simply animal people. (says the cat person who had to convert to dogs when her kid turned out to be allergic to one, but not the other)

So, I learned tonight that there is apparently a small dog that is very popular on Facebook named Boo. I just checked it out and Boo has 987,764 fans!  That’s not quite the number of followers of @bronxzooscobra, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Our DogsOne of my own dogs, the Dachshund/Labrador mix as best the pound could guess (we like to call him our Dachsador – he’s on the right in this pic of our two), got lots of ooohs and ahhs when his photo was shared with everyone at dinner tonight. And it was suggested that he needs his own Facebook or Twitter profile, too.

So, what do you think? Should more pets be portrayed online? Or should we just keep it real?

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