Say Thanks Today – Share Thanks Tomorrow

I really should be better about counting my blessings. I admire Grace McDunnough’s discipline to maintain her Three Thanks A Week blog.  But, at least there’s one day a year here in the U.S. where we all stop to give thanks.

Thanksgiving can get caught up in Pilgrims and turkeys, football and family, but I think most of us do take a few moments to think about what we have to be thankful for – at least many today in my Twitterstream and Facebook newsfeed have been.

Some relate to current events. I know I am thankful that I live within a day’s driving distance of my family so that I can enjoy this holiday with them without worrying about getting felt up before getting on an airplane.

And, I am thankful for the freedom to write whatever I want here and tweet or retweet whatever I want on Twitter and not have to worry that it will get me a year in prison.

I am thankful that despite the drug violence that plagues much of my country’s border, our neighbors are not sending missiles our way. My daughter does not have to worry if she’ll make it to school and back alive.

Think that’s a bit dramatic? Take a moment to watch this video.

My girl and I have been filling shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse for several years now, but I never thought of the impact that an actual pair of shoes in one might make.

I hope that as you count your blessings today, you’ll think about sharing some of your good fortune by helping others. Make it personal. If you’re thankful for your meal, support your local food bank. If you’re thankful for your education, help out at a school or donate to a scholarship. If you’re thankful for your health, donate funds to research or visit someone who could use the company in a hospital. If you’re thankful for your pets, buy an extra bag of food next time to give to a shelter.

The point is, don’t just say thanks today – share thanks tomorrow.