Do We Really Need an International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day logoThere are only a couple of hours left in International Women’s Day(IWD) as I sit down to write this post.

I’d like to say I’m so behind because I was out doing something amazing like those on this list of 100 women who changed the world, but I was just making my way through an average day.

An average day where I enjoyed the freedom to drive  to my job outside the home that pays me as well as my husband was paid in his last job. The job he left to spend the past year taking care of our daughter and our household. I came home to spend the evening relaxing and watching Chuck on television with that daughter who receives a great education in our public school system.

A girl being educated. A man taking responsibility for helping to raise her while his wife works. A woman being paid as much as a man for equal work. All these are things I enjoy without thinking that much about it. So, it’s easy to wonder if we really need a day to press for equality and other women’s issues.

I can agree with much that this woman who’s name I can’t find on her opinion piece on IWD in Rwanda:

Now that most countries have come round to develope enabling policies and programs, more effort should be put into getting men to understand and appreciate this drive, as opposed to pushing it down their throats through affirmative action-one reason why, at the mention of the word gender, everyone automatically starts thinking ‘women’.

I mean, do we really need someone to give flowers to the Spanish Equality Minister once a year just because she’s a woman?

No, we do not. But, as long as there are places where girl’s aren’t receiving an education just because they’re girls. Or they’re being married off at age 10 and having their genitals mutilated (two of the women’s stories highlighted by Huffington Post today). Or women aren’t allowed to even drive, much less to a job. Or, women aren’t being compensated equal to men for equal work at that job.

Then we still have work to do and a special day to remind us of that every year is a good thing.



  1. DeDe · March 8, 2010

    Your ability to speak honestly about morally and ethically hard subjects without the if’s, and’s or but’s of politics is what I’ve always loved and admired most about you.
    Great article.


  2. Laura Thomas, ABC · March 9, 2010

    Wow! I hope I can always live up to such great words.
    Thank you DeDe!


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