I’m In. Are You In?

Have you heard about Blog Action Day? It’s coming on October 15.

According to my emanciPET.org calendar, that’s the day before Feral Cat Day. The good news for you is that I’ll be doing a special post here on Blog Action Day, but not Feral Cat Day*.

If you have a blog, you can join in, too!

I often feel a bit overwhelmed by all the needs in the world and all the places I’d like to donate and help. Too many choices often leads me to no decision.

If you feel the same way, don’t think of this as one more group calling for your help, but rather as one very easy way you can do a little something.

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*(that’s not to say that feral cats are not a good issue, just that I won’t be doing a special blog post about them)

One comment

  1. Tawny Press · October 1, 2008

    Very nice to see you participating too! I believe this to be the perfect event for bloggers! I look forward to reading your post on October 15, 2008!


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