Cable Said, Satellite Said

Is it just me, or is anyone else out there getting tired of all the broadcast and radio commercials where cable companies tell us how horrible satellite service is and satellite companies tell us how horrible cable service can be?

Way back in 2003, the New York Times said it was getting bad and in my opinion it’s only gotten worse now that they can offer phone service, too. Often it seems like each is saying the same thing about the other – they’re more expensive, they don’t offer as many channels, they’re not as reliable, they’re service stinks. Apparently this is not just a U.S. thing, either. A lot of the ones I see and hear seem to be low-budget locally produced pieces, but now DirectTV is bringing in big names (and tiny bikinis). Enough already!

It seems like no matter which we choose, we’re made to feel like an idiot for picking the one we did. Get a handful of people together to discuss the topic and they’ll be as polarized as if you were talking about the presidential election. I did find one nice side-by-side comparison online that might be helpful to folks debating a change.

Me, I just keep avoiding dealing with it every time my hubby brings it up; and, come here to vent my frustration. I mean, can’t they distinguish themselves from each other without spending so much airspace putting the competition down?

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