New Toys for Everyone to Play With

Had intended to do some real writing tonight, but keep getting distracted. Two things have the twittersphere buzzing: changes to the Twitter web interface and video uploads on Flickr.

Seems @Armano likes how Twitter has moved their search box to a much more UX (user experience) friendly place at the top of their web page. And, several (including myself) are submitting their Twitter stories via a new link for that. But, @QueenofSpain fears the demographic information asked for in that form means advertising will soon be pushed at us on Twitter. @SamLawrence shares her reaction. I don’t rush to go there yet. I know demographics can be helpful for way more than that, and can envision how the Twitter guys might use them to pitch for more venture funding, or just answer that question they probably get all the time: “So, who uses Twitter?” Even if this did preclude ads, if they’re necessary to keep the Twitter servers running, I’m OK with it. Also, I haven’t run into it yet, but @TWalk _really_ doesn’t like the hover effect . They also seem to have moved the link for getting widgets for your blog (which I’d love to have, but don’t see available through IABC’s version of WordPress). But, no one’s really talking about that much.

The other big deal is video on Flickr. Having just purchased a cool Flip Ultra camcorder [that wouldn’t connect to my PC, so I’m having to return it and wait to get it fixed or get a new one before I can start having fun with it :-(], I was jazzed to see that. Any opportunity to not have to open yet another account somewhere is a good thing, and if I can combine my still-to-come vids with my pics, all the better! However, it looks like it’s only available for pro accounts, and I’m so cheap I’ve only got the free account. Might have to break down and upgrade, but wondering if the 90sec length limit will be a big deal or not.

The cool thing about all of this is just how quickly everyone jumped on the new features, and how quickly they became the hot topic of conversation online. Really drives home the speed at which the web works – it’s a crazy environment for those of us who work in it every day!

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